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What is hospitality if not the industry of joy? While other industries churn out endless lines of products that invariably end up being tossed away and forgotten, we’re in the business of making unforgettable moments, joy, and shared experiences. 

As a short and mid-term rentals company operating in Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Montana, we at The Brighthouse have the privilege to work in an industry that offers people happiness, blissful memories that last a lifetime, and the chance to forge moments that define the happiest moments in people’s lives. 

For us though, hospitality isn’t only an industry, it’s a way of life. Hospitality or being hospitable defines every move we make, the decisions we make on a daily basis, and the ethos behind the way we conduct business.

For us, hospitality is making everyone guests and employees alike feel at home.

Feel At Home on Vacation

Feeling at home on vacation may seem like a strange concept at first glance. Don’t we go on vacations to escape the humdrum of our everyday lives at home? Don’t we look forward to leaving home behind as we gleefully pack up the car to head out for our longed-for vacation? 

In some ways, yes. But feeling at home doesn’t mean being at home. Feeling at home is a sense of belonging, a feeling of comfort. It’s also having all your home comforts just where you want them. Feeling at home is having space to spread out, privacy, safety, knowing everything is going to be ok and that someone’s got your back.

This is all part of what we offer our guests. It’s much more than offering you a place to rest at night. It’s about making you feel at home.

How Do We Make Our Guests Feel at Home?

Making guests feel welcome in any of our homes is all in the details. From providing a Netflix password and pool toys to making sure there’s tea, coffee and milk waiting for you , we pay close attention to everything we think our guests could need. By providing a constant source of communication, we can also respond quickly to our guests’ needs if or when they need something.

Hotels can be great, but they lack that home touch you get with having enough storage space, being able to wash and dry your clothes, or having a private space just for you.

How Does Hospitality Shape Us?

Certain values shape The Brighthouse as a brand. We don’t just want to meet your expectations; we want to exceed them. Making you feel at home when you’re in a new city, state, maybe in a new country, is the backbone of values that drive us to serve you better.

Be Kind

Is there a better quality than being kind? Hospitality in its truest form is just that: being kind. Helping others when we can, listening to people’s doubts and concerns and helping them feel looked after at every stage of a booking. We’ve found kindness and understanding to be some of the most important factors in bringing people back time and time again.

Be Empathetic

We know that vacations are a highlight of your year, but we also know they can be stressful. Being experienced in hospitality means you know when someone needs help. Helping people with anything they need before, during, or after their stay and with a smile! helps them know you care. 

Pay Attention

A combination of lots of little details becomes the big picture in hospitality. Taking pride in even the smallest things, taking time to anticipate people’s needs, and trying to avoid problems before they happen creates a safe environment for everyone.

Just Say Yes Attitude

Having a Just Say yes attitude goes much further than simple positivity. When receiving reasonable requests, we try to find a way to make it happen. Facing requests with a “why not?” instead of “why?” or “what for?” doesn’t only help the guests feel at home, it also extends a feeling of positivity to us too. We’re in the industry of joy, and being able to make a guest’s stay thay little bit more convenient, comfortable, or enjoyable is a joy for us too. 

It’s a Way to Live and Grow

A hospitable environment for a plant is one that provides good conditions for living and growing. For us at The Brighthouse, hospitality gives us the principles to live by and also the skills to grow as workers and as people. Providing excellent hospitality is what makes us tick, what gets us up in the morning, and what motivates us with the decisions we make. It also makes us grow. Wanting to help people feel at home constantly challenges us to do better for others, making us grow not just as workers in the hospitality sector, but as individuals too.

It’s an Attitude

In the end, hospitality for us is much more than just an industry or a job. Hospitality is an attitude, a feeling, even a lifestyle. The lessons we learn from working in the hospitality business and being part of the time in people’s years they most look forward to- their vacations- go home with us at the end of the day and extend into our other lives, the ones we have outside of work hours. 

The Brighthouse: Making You Feel at Home

Whether you’re a guest looking for their next vacation or a homeowner looking for a property manager, The Brighthouse’s mission is to make you feel at home. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.